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The hard work on a website starts right after launch. You are now in the biggest and greatest marketplace there is: the web. Your newly created platform has to compete with everybody else, large and small, for the traffic and exposure. You will frequently be competing with companies that alocate milions of dollars to marketing budgets.

It is not a very pleasand experience if you are alone all the way.

91% of the traffic on the web comes form search engines. 80% of the search engine users never get past the first page of results. It is crucial for your business to establish a good presence in search engine results pages.

The best thing in Search Engine Marketing, different from television and other clasic media channels, is that you are targeting people searching for products and services that you offer.

You are not communicating your message to everybody and hope someone will be interested. Instead, the people interested come to you.

This aspect, combined with a potentially global audience, and 24 hours a day presence, is the thing that makes Search Engine Marketing great for business.

The second big thing out there on the web right now is social media. Pleople are using sites like facebook and twitter and youtube to search even for products and services more that they are using Yahoo. A vast presence in social media is a key indicator to your brand awareness.

We have both the expertise and the resources needed to bring you in the limelight.

We have been in the web development business from the start, in the times before Google ever existed. We have over 500 clients from all around the globe and more that 300 web aplications developed. We were building links before search engines start counting them in order to establish websites popularity on the web. We saw many changes in the structure of the web in this time and we saw many web applications come and go.

We know what can make your website a success.

We have developed a 3 stepts process that is designed to grow your businesses online presence and give you absolute control over the decisions that matter, at the same time leaving all the subtle tehnical details for us to solve.

Analysis -> Implementation -> Monitorization


Internet Marketing Services

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