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This is the crucial step of the entire process and there is no room for error. Bad SEO decisions can harm a site for years. That is the reason why you need a well established proffesional at your side. Your business cannot aford any cheap, sweatshop solutions here. There will always be on the market so called SEO Specialists that promise #1 rankings in short period of time with very little investment. We must tell you right of the bat that no one can really promise #1 ranking and always deliver. With that beeing said, we suggest that you adopt a more holistic vision of the search engine optimisation process and be focused on tangible results like ROI, conversions and traffic, rather that beeing #1 on a general term in the search engine results.

Google is telling us that 25% of the queries entered are new, never seen before.

The majority of these queries are long tail search queries, made out of 4 and more words. It is great to be on the first page for a general search term, that receives a lot of traffic, but the more results oriented approach is to reach for all those specific, long tail searches, that will get you the right visitors for conversion. These queries generate traffic that has a lower bounce rate, because people coming to your website are interested in exactly your product or service.

If we would like to simply the SEO/SEM process a little, in order for you to get a better understanding, there are 2 main pieces in the puzzle:


Content is what drives the visitor and search engines to your site and links are the way they reach you. You must first have a good, solid, content strategy and second to gain as many links as possible pointing to that content. Google loves fresh content, pages that are new, and will rank better a site that has new pages every time it visits it. We will first help you develop unique, searched for content, and then build a network of links all pointing to your site from all around the web.

Content Services

Content Strategy Planning
Unique Content Creation
SEO Copywriting

Great websites offer great content. We can inform and put you up to date with the latest web content trends, and together we can then develop unique content that is crafted to match exactly the way users search for it. Our experince as web designers of more that 500 websites has tought us what content ranks better and how to develop it.

There are forms of content that Google and Yahoo prefer.

The web combines all clasic media mediums and adds interactivity to the mix. You can choose from a very diverse pallete like text, image, video, audio, live streaming and interactive applications whatever is best suited for your message. Even if you want only to sell products with an online shopping solution, there are new and improved ways of presenting the merchandise to the potential customers, with the aid of User Generated Content like product reviews, scoring systems and complex products associations.

Our services include seo copywriting, which is the process of writing the copy of your website so that it reads well for users and at the same time features the desired keywords and phrases so that the search engines will rank it well for those terms.

SEO / Organic Rankings Improvement

Website Information Architecture Optimization
Website On-Page Search Engine Optimization
Online Presence Development / Link building Services
Business Directory Registrations
Article Marketing
Social Bookmarking Sites Promoting
Link Buying/Rental Advise

But search engines ranking factors are almost 85% off-page. Meaning that Google and the other search engines rank your page based on the fact that it trusts your domain, or what others think of your content and the words they use when linking to it. So writing good content that has a high keyword density is only 15% of the problem.


Google Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Factors

The ranking order in Google is mainly based on links, more specific inbound links, links from other sites to your pages is what brings them up and down in search engine result pages. We offer great ethical link building services, promoting your site on various other webistes.

We will submit your website to a long list of business directories specific to your niche so that people searching for the products and services you offer find you quickly. Your articles and other pieces of content can be promoted to special article marketing sites which also mention the original source, passing link juice to you. Since the Panga Google Update original sources for a piece of content are instantly propagated in front of the search results, above all other sites that have copies of the content.

If you have interesting content we will submit it to all major social bookmarking sites so internet users can find out about it and share it on their own. We have experience with social bookmarking sites and we see very day what users click and promote and what they don’t. Beeing on the first page of any major social bookmarking site will instantly bring you traffic and will boost your search engine rankings. With a little bit of imagination and excellent copywriting skills this is possible.

The web 2.0 replaced the paradigm of few big shiny lights on the “web sky”, the major media organizations, to a sky full of little but bright lights caracterized by subjectivism. There are blogs that get as much traffic as big newspapers and there are a lot of sites where users generate all the content. Some of these web 2.0 voices have become very trusted and their opinions respected. This brings us the oportunity to promote your business through advertorials on high traffic volume blogs and social networking accounts. A blogger will gladly write a review for your products at just a fraction of the price you would pay at a newspaper for something similar, and get the same exposure. We have developed an extensive database of such contacts. We can promote your advertorials in just th right places, so your message is heard by many.

The last service we offer is Link Buying/Rental Advise. Even though Google is against manipulating PageRank values through link buying, it is a very common practice, and we can honestly tell you that it is the most powerfull seo tehnique, if not abused. There are well established, trusted domains, that will rent or sell links which will bring as much traffic as an well executed AdWords Campaign. But this technique can only be done along with more ethical seo efforts and not in a high volume.

Write to us or call us and ask for a basic analysis right away! You’re competition is moving fast.

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